Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Elements of Cure

How big is a cure?  How small? What is the smallest most elementary cure? Are there different cure elements, just as there are different chemical elements? How is a cure element defined?

The Elements of Cure in less than 100 pages, provides a comprehensive summary of the concepts first introduced in the book A Calculus of Curing and updated in the book CURE, a comprehensive view of cause, illness and cure.

Available in Kindle and print format, the Elements of Cure defines the three elements of cure, based on the three fundamental causes of illness. It explores different types of cures, including complete cures, partial cures, compound and complex cures, and temporary cures. It makes clear distinctions between various cures and non-cures of treatments, remissions, statistical cures (cure rate), placebo cures and regression to the mean. It also covers miracle cures, natural cures, and alternative cures, providing a comprehensive and consistent view of the concepts of cure, cures, curing, and cured.

What is cured? Do we cure the patient? The disease? The disorder? The medical condition? What's the difference between healing and curing? Are some diseases curable and others incurable? Are some fully curable while others are only partially curable? How can we tell? How can we know when a cure is complete?

These questions are covered thoroughly and consistently by the Elements of Cure. Of course, every case is individual, and every case requires an individual analysis and decision.

Whether you are a patient, a conventional medical doctor, or an alternative medical practitioner, you don't understand "cure".  The concept of cured is largely ignored, even abhorred by conventional medicine. There is currently no medical definition of cure in any practice of medicine.  Alternative medical practices sometimes claim to cure but provide no definition of cure that is accepted by conventional medicine.

How can cure be defined?  Like any science, the science of cure begins with definitions, with theory, and develops with practice. Practice tests and improves theory, theory improves based on practical experiences. It's time.

Let's begin the practice of curing:
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to your health, tracy
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