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Anthony Fauci's Latest Publication - 60+ years of Experience Summarized

Jan 11, 2023. In CELLPRESS, Cell Host and Microbe

Title: Rethinking next-generation vaccines for coronaviruses, influenza viruses,and other respiratory viruses

Authors, David M. Morens, (Anthony Fauci's replacement?) Jeffery K. Taubenberger (Viral Pathogenesis and Evolution Section, Laboratory of Infectious Diseases, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NationalInstitutes of Health), and Anthony S. Fauci


...Viruses that replicate in the human respiratory mucosa without infecting systemically, including influenza A, SARS-CoV-2, endemic coronaviruses, RSV, and many other ‘‘common cold’’ viruses... have not to date been effectively controlled by licensed or experimental vaccines.

...As of 2022, after more than 60 years of experience with influenza vaccines, very little improvement in vaccine prevention of infection has been noted


...Durably protective vaccines against non-systemic mucosal respiratory viruses with high mortality rates have thus far eluded vaccine development efforts.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

The Big Picture


Friday, June 24, 2022

Safe and Effective?

 As we walk around, trying to wake up from the past two and a half years, we seem to have two different groups asking related questions:

  • Why are they still wearing masks
  • Why are they not wearing masks
    (they, in each case, being the other people)

It is interesting, and important, to understand that the reason we have these two groups has little to do with the question: are masks safe and effective? The safety and effectiveness of masks is an ongoing scientific study. We have dozens, possibly hundreds of studies measuring the safety and effectiveness of medical and non-medical masks, in many different medical and non-medical situations. Few people, if any, are interested in completing their own personal meta-meta-study before coming to a conclusion. If every decision as small as "wear/don't wear a mask" required a personal meta-study, no decisions would be possible.

How do we decide? Fortunately, this too has been well and thoroughly studied.

"Though truth and falsehood be near twins, yet truth a little elder is."
- John Donne 1635

First, we decide what is true. Whether we are right or wrong is of little consequence. We decide first on a truth. Knowledge, existing even in plants and most animals, is based entirely on truth. Is that plant Safe to eat? or Dangerous? Even young humans, up to a certain age, cannot comprehend untruths.

"the ability to deny propositions (i.e., truth-functional negation) is, in fact, one of the last linguistic abilities to emerge in childhood" - L. Bloom, 1970

Learning and accepting truths is a first sign of intelligence. Understanding untruth requires a higher level of intelligence.

Or is that just silly. After all, some people believe masks are safe and effective. That's their truth. Other people can believe masks are dangerous and ineffective. Each has their truth. Yet, each is the untruth of the other.

The statements are in opposition. Each individual believes one truth, or the other, at a time. Those who don't care act without either belief, - perhaps wearing a mask when required, and not, when not required.

Behind the Mask

When we see someone wearing a mask, or not wearing a mask, we also need to understand that mask wearing (or not) does not indicate or demonstrate belief. There are many reasons for someone on either side of the mask belief to act in opposition to their beliefs.

Belief vs Disbelief

Belief is easy, common, intelligent and simple. Like all animals, we are designed to learn, to form beliefs. We all know how to form new beliefs - we practice it all the time. Even a feeble one hundred year old grandmother can learn that she has a new great-great-great-great granddaughter named Alice and believe that she is beautiful.

But changing our beliefs is hard. Harder. Really difficult. Changing our beliefs means changing ourselves, giving up a part of ourselves that we have created, supported, and grown, sometimes for years. Many of us still remember our first love - we still want to believe even decades later. When someone close to us dies - we don't want to believe it. This is true of all of our beliefs. The longer and harder we hold onto a belief, the more it becomes a part of us, the more connected we become, the more difficult it is to change - no matter what evidence we encounter.

People who have adopted the belief masks are safe and effective, who have held onto their belief over time, have protected and grown their belief, sometimes in the face of opposing opinions. When safe and effective believers see someone who is not wearing a mask, they might speak (internally or outwardly) about their beliefs, even challenging those who do not believe.

People who have adopted the belief masks are dangerous and ineffective, who have held onto their belief over time, have protected and grown their belief, sometimes in the face of opposing opinions. When dangerous and ineffective believers see someone wearing a mask, they similarly speak out (internally or outwardly) about their beliefs.

The specific belief does not affect the process. The same belief formation process applies to the belief that eating tomatoes, playing football, or parachuting, is safe or too dangerous. Of course, no-one would deny the dangers of parachuting, but they believe the benefits are worth more than the danger.

No believer is able to change their beliefs without considerable effort. Learning is easy. Changing what we have learned is hard.

Communities: Another Layer of Intelligence

Communities - contrary to popular opinion, are generally intelligent, more intelligent than individuals. Communities consisting of many individuals, can hold, discuss, and analyze many variations of belief across many different situations, with many different gradations, dimensions, and colours of belief. This is impossible for most individuals - and they don't often have the time or inclination to try.

When a community makes a decision, the community becomes an individual, sometimes like a tyrant, or dictator, or a mob, supporting a specific belief (rightly or wrongly) with more force than any individual.

Communities, like individuals, might decide to believe that:

  • masks are safe and effective
  • masks are unsafe and ineffective
  • we don't have a community belief: individuals are free to make their own decisions

Diversity is natural, healthy, even intelligent. Communities are more likely to recognize the values of diversity and of freedoms. Communities are diverse. Sometimes, communities form around specific beliefs.

We live in many different communities, from our family and household communities, to our faith communities, to our work communities, our market and business communities, to many layers of corporate and government communities - each vying for attention and power. A community that believes masks are safe an effective, depending on their belief and their power, might enforce mask use, even on individuals and communities who believe masks are dangerous and ineffective. Communities who believe that masks are dangerous and ineffective might likewise forbid mask use, even on individuals and communities who believe masks are safe and effective.

Individuals who believe masks are safe and effective might have a hard time thinking of situations where masks are dangerous and ineffective. Individuals who believe masks are dangerous and ineffective might have a hard time thinking of situations where masks are safe and effective. Gaining a more comprehensive, a more intelligent understanding often requires a community.

However, once a community takes a strong hold of a belief, the community begins to behave like an individual. The belief becomes a part of the community. Once either belief, is held as true, it becomes difficult to change. Even after a community changes its belief, many individuals in the community might still hold on to the old, discarded belief. In addition, if a community changes it's belief, it often holds onto the concept that the prior, now discounted belief, was correct at that time. There is little to be gained - and some potential risk - in admitting a wrong in the past. Denial is a river of convenience when belief changes.

Elementary Beliefs

It's easy to stand on either side of the safe and effective vs dangerous and ineffective question about masks without realizing that these are four independent beliefs co-joined to create one message, to support one decision. The elementary beliefs (not counting the additional "don't' know don't care" beliefs) are:

Masks are safe.
Masks are dangerous.
Masks are effective.
Masks are ineffective.

The claim that masks are safe and effective basically says "wearing masks is good," while the claim that masks dangerous and ineffective says "wearing masks is bad." Note: Masks, being things, do not act - they cannot in themselves be good or bad.

Who Wears Masks

It's not hard to notice the age difference in mask wearing. Younger people are less likely to wear masks (unless forced to do so by their elders). But don't make the mistake, often promoted by the media, that age is the important factor in belief about safe and effective. Age is just a number. The real factor has more to do with health and disease. It's not the elderly who are more likely to wear masks, it's people who fear for their health. But, we might also notice that people who are handicapped, or who already have a chronic disease, are also more likely to wear masks.

Masks are a preventative. Designed and marketed to prevent dangers. People who perceive themselves as vulnerable are more likely to reach for effective and to discount dangers of the preventative action. Note: When there is no danger, preventatives are superfluous and only their dangers are relevant.

Mask wearing depends on fear, on the perception of danger, more than on a belief in safe and effective. If we are not afraid, safe and effective is less important. A perception of danger leads to mask wearing. Then the belief promotes itself. Wearing a mask promotes our belief in masks. Once the belief is held, like all beliefs, it become difficult to challenge much more difficult to discard.

Cure is Better than Prevention

Know this: if we want to make money... Preventatives are better than cures. Prevention is better than cure is a powerful marketing mantra.

We can sell preventatives, like masks, to everyone - whether they the disease or not.

Sales of cures, on the other hand, are limited to those who have the disease, and limited to the short time when they have the disease. We can only sell cures to those with no disease by marketing them as preventatives.

Cures are not profitable. Preventatives? - profitable.

If a preventative marketer wants to make money, the key to marketing preventatives is well studied: increase fear. As fear rises, people and communities are more likely to reach for (buy) the preventative. It doesn't hurt to discount cures. If cures are common, if cures as safe and effective, sales of preventatives will fall.

Risk vs Benefit

In any activity, any sport, for example, actions that increase risk (sometimes even cheating) often improve successes. Even as many budding football players bodies are damaged and drop out of the sport, those who attain high success can earn more money than a safe job.

When an illness is easily cured and forgotten, like simple cuts and bruises - higher risk activities like singing and dancing together, have minimal negative consequences compared to the benefits. But, when we believe the risk is high, we look for preventative actions.

A History of one Belief

In the 1600s, Galileo challenged his community's belief that the sun revolves around the earth. His community penalized him in many ways, finally with permanent house arrest. There were individuals and small communities that believed in Galileo's heliocentrism in the 5th century BC, two thousand years before Galileo was imprisoned for refusing to change his belief.

Today, there are still individuals who hold variations of the earth-centered belief and individuals who hold completely different beliefs, like the flat earthers. They're not interested in changing their beliefs. And if they were? Believing is easy. Changing beliefs is hard.

To understand belief, we must study beliefs, how they function, that they function independent of truth or falsehood of the individual belief. Masks are xxxxxx is a belief.

Diversity is Intelligent, Diversity is Healthy

When we study belief, the theory of positive and negative beliefs, we notice that even simple beliefs, like masks are good or masks are bad, become more and more complex the more we look. We also need to recognize that the hardest beliefs to change are not those that are right or wrong, but those that we have supported through our statements, our actions, and our communities.

To increase our intelligence, to improve our intelligence in any situation, we need to tolerate and accept differences in belief and corresponding differences in actions. When we are wrong, we can recognize our errors sooner, through the examples of others. We will also learn that right/wrong, black/white, good/bad, safe/dangerous, effective/ineffective are simplifications - sometimes useful, but seldom sufficient to meet all of our diverse needs.

to your health, tracy
Founder: Healthicine
Author: A New Theory of Cure

Monday, February 14, 2022

The Systemic Suppression of the Cured, their Cures and their Curers

How many diseases have we cured in the past 20 years? The past 50 years? When was the last time our medical systems found a cure for a disease? I'm not sure, but, having studied cure extensively, I have a good idea which diseases can be cured and proven to be cured - and which cannot - both officially and unofficially. The answers are simple and clear. 

Official Cures

Officially, cured is defined medically for a disease that can be cured by an approved medical treatment. That's why there is "no cure for the common cold" and many commonly cured diseases like influenza, measles, and the dreaded (forbidden word) flu. Most cases of these diseases are easily cured by natural healthiness, but, because they were not cured by "an approved medical treatment," all cures and all cases of cured are simply ignored. In addition to ignoring all of these cases of cured, there are no statistics of cases cured for any disease.  

What are the diseases that can be cured by an approved medical treatment? Officially, only infectious diseases can be cured. Officially, only some infectious diseases can be cured. Officially, only some cases. 

Infectious Diseases

Only infectious diseases cured by approved medical treatments, either by a drug that kills the infectious agent or by a medical surgery that removes the infectious agent, with a significant or insignificant amount of flesh also being removed.

The claim of a cured status can only be made by an approved medical professional, based on an approved medical treatment. The importance of this requirement must be understood. The consequences are far reaching. Let's begin with a simple example:

  - a child gets a sliver, which becomes infected. A mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, friend or neighbor pops the infected flesh, perhaps with a sharp object like a needle, removes the sliver, and treats the infection by washing the wound, which heals naturally. Was the illness cured? Of course it was cured. Was it cured by the person attending? Yes, of course. Was it cured by a non-medical treatment, washing the wound with water? Yes. it was. But medically, there was no cure. The person attending was not a medical professional, the water was not a drug. The patient recovered from the infection, but they were not cured

 - if, on the other hand, the child gets a sliver, which becomes infected, and they go to a medical clinic where a doctor punctures and drains the infection, cleans the wound, and administers an antibiotic, the disease was cured. However, even in this case, the word cure is rarely used. The US/FDA, for example, enforces the statement "only a drug can cure a disease." Most medical treatments, even those that can cure infectious diseases, are typically labelled as treatments, not as cures.

Avoiding the word Cured

Our medical professions, conventional and alternative both, have a long list of weasel words to avoid saying cure:

– treat an infection
– defeat a cancer
 – reverse diabetes
– conquer hypertension and heart disease
– put arthritis into remission
– banish migraines

None of these phrases requires a cure. We might say an infection was cured, but doctors are not allowed to say cancer cured, diabetes cured, hypertension or heart disease cured, arthritis cured. Of course, any doctor can "say" cured, but it can't be proven so the word is avoided lest the speaker be seen as a quack.  

Avoiding Infectious Disease Cures

Which infectious diseases cannot be cured, in which cases of infectious disease can cured not be recognized. There is no scientific or medical test to prove an infectious disease is cured. The recognized medical test for an infectious disease cured consists of: 

  1. Application of an approved medical treatment.
  2. Proof that the infectious agent has been killed or eliminated by the medical treatment. 

 - viral diseases cannot be cured and proven cured. The viral cause cannot be killed because viruses are not alive. It might still be hiding in the body. Even though there is plenty of evidence of individual cases of measles, influenza, and AIDS cured, the word cure is not used. This is most obvious with AIDS, where our medical professionals are attempting to define AIDS cured differently from other medical cures. 

 - chronic diseases cannot be cured, so chronic infections, by definition, are incurable. If a chronic infection is cured, the diagnosis was wrong. It wasn't a chronic infection. In truth, chronic infections have a chronic cause - over and above the infectious agent - which must be addressed to cure. But our official medical systems are not conscious of chronic cures, so they are classed as miracle cures. 

 - the common cold cannot be cured and proven cured. Why not? Because the cure is not medical. It makes no difference that almost every case is cured. "There is no cure for the common cold.

 - trivial infections cannot be cured and when they are cured, cannot be seen to be cured. If it wasn't cured by a medical professional, then it wasn't cured. But wait, there's more. 

 - if an infection was cured by an alternative medicine or by an alternative medical practitioner, perhaps a chiropractor, a traditional Chinese medical practitioner, a homeopathy or a naturopath, then cured cannot be proven. Cured requires an approved treatment. 

Non-Infectious Diseases Cured? 

Cured is not defined medically for any non-infectious disease. Not one. There is no scientific or medical test to confirm any case of non-infectious disease has been cured. Can this be true? 

The top ten disease causes of death in the USA according to the CDC are heart disease, cancer, influenza-19, accidents and injuries, stroke, chronic lower respiratory diseases, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, and kidney disease. Which are curable?  

Heart disease, cancer, injuries, stroke, chronic respiratory disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and kidney disease are non-infectious. All are incurable. Influenza and flu-19 are caused by viruses - therefore incurable. Only pneumonia can be cured. One-half of one of ten.

There is one small problem. Individually, many cases of these diseases are cured. Can this be true? How can this be true? 

Most cases of influenza and flu-19 are cured easily by natural healthiness. More are cured with the addition of approved and forbidden medical treatments. But there are no statistics for influenza cured.

There are many books presenting cures for heart disease. There are many claims of cancers cured. Even stroke might be severe, or minor, cured by healing. Of course if chronic respiratory disease is cured - the diagnosis was wrong, it wasn't chronic. Alzheimer's? If Alzheimer's disease is cured, we can easily assume the same - the diagnosis was wrong. It wasn't Alzheimer's. Diabetes? There are many claims of diabetes cured going back hundreds of years, and many books presenting cures of diabetes. But officially, diabetes is incurable. It's a non-infectious disease - so all cure claims are simply ignored. 

Non-infectious diseases are incurable because cured is not defined scientifically nor medically for non-infectious diseases. Looking for a cure of a case of non-infectious disease is a bit like looking for water with dowsing sticks. Even you find it - the find is easily dismissed, easily denied. The science is clear. No proof is possible. 


Cures, curing, and cured are systemically suppressed. Why? The reason is obvious - only medically approved cures can be recognized, and most cures cannot be recognized medically. It's simply medical chauvinism. 

When a cure occurs naturally, it's not a cure. No cure can be proven. When a cure is caused by a non-approved medical treatment, it's not a cure. When grandma's chicken soup cures your cold - it's not a cure. 

We don't know cures. We don't know cured. We don't know curing. We have no scientific nor medical theory of cure to cover all cases of disease - so we can't find cures. We have no tools.

How many diseases have been cured in the past 50 years? We have no idea. We won't have any idea until we have a theory of cure

The book A New Theory of Cure presents a comprehensive theory of cure covering all curable illnesses and diseases. There is no "old theory of cure." 

to your health, tracy

Sunday, November 21, 2021

I am a Victim of Medical Apartheid

I have become a victim of medical apartheid because I refuse to submit to forced medication. I did nothing. I do not have the disease. If I did, it would pass in short order. I might be freed in heaven or hell, but not on the planet earth. 

I am not alone.  I have many friends and family members in similar circumstances. Many innocent children are also being victimized. Sometimes I feel like an abused child.  I live in a country where I cannot legally go to a restaurant or cafe with my wife lest I am fined - and the cafe owner, whose staff stop me at the door, is also subject to fines and even closure. I have many friends in the arts, but I cannot legally attend their showings or performances. I cannot travel on public transportation. I cannot attend public sports events nor any indoor public celebration.

Although I am, at present, allowed to attend church services, even church leaders are required to enforce new, arbitrary rules on capacity and behavior, without regard for their specific religion. 

I did nothing to justify this. Nor did my friends, family members, or their children, all of whom are similarly affected.

I have many friends who have chosen to submit to round after round of non-curative, patented medical treatment at steadily shrinking intervals. Some have become so conditioned and confused that they are actively joining the oppressive forces that reject me. Many are viewing the drugs and the situation with joy even as our bodies, minds, spirits, souls, and communities are being oppressed and damaged. Even as they openly oppress others like me.  

Many of them have been physically damaged, with serious and in some cases even deadly consequences. Many innocents, who tried to escape by submission have faced similar negative consequences. Only time will tell the truth - and even then, I wonder if we will ever see the whole truth.

Others are beginning to recognize the nonsense and the danger. However, even of those, many are saying they will not submit and will not oppress even as they excuse those who oppress as "only doing their job."

There appears to be no escape. Country after country around the world is being victimized, and in turn is victimizing their citizens without hint of legal process. What started with a debate about the effectiveness, or not, of masks, has become a slowly tightening noose. 

There appear to be no leaders, as if this oppression has come down from the heavens. At the same time, all of the rules are made and enforced by humans. 

Joining forces against the oppression has been forbidden.  Resistance is ignored, suppressed and fact-checked into submission. All discussion in opposition is branded "conspiracy theorizing" and dismissed as unscientific. Notable authorities become pariahs, rejected by their communities, unable to form communities of like souls due to the oppression. 

I need help. We all need help.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Letter to my Vaccinated Friends

I have many vaccinated friends. Some have spoken quietly, “I got my second shot today.” Some have posted smiling pictures in the clinic or in a circle of flowers, happy, healthy images on Facebook and Instagram. When I see bragging, I fear they want me to join them. When I see the quiet ones, I fear some will get more than they signed up for. This pandemic is all about fear.

I do not fear COVID. I never did. My first “two week lockdown” came when I was in Arequipa, Peru. I was shocked, and afraid. Not of COVID, of the governments. I knew immediately that two weeks was just a taste of what was, and is, to come. Two weeks became four. Shortly afterwards, soldiers arrived from Lima. Los Arequipeños were never well behaved. The bureaucrats were not amused. A few weeks later, we left for the security and safety of Canada, our home country. I never felt any immediate fear, nor fear of COVID, only fear of what the future might bring. 

I have followed and at the same time tried to avoid listening to the news. The stories and statistics were impossible to comprehend. They still are.

I studied COVID, looking for cures. Most patients are cured, many before any diagnosis. Cures appeared in droves and were swatted down like flies. This continues today.

For months, we have walked forward, blindly, in a tunnel ranging from panic to fear to hysteria. A friend quoted the title of a Pink Floyd song: Comfortably Numb. That’s describes how I feel and what I am seeing.

Then the light appeared. Vaccines will save us. At first it was a faint hope, gradually growing as several were rushed through emergency approval. The light continues to grow. I fear it may blind our friendship. That’s why I write this letter.

I am not anti-vax.  I am not vaccine-hesitant. I have been vaccinated many times in the past. As a traveler, I carried a vaccine passport, proving yellow-fever vaccination, necessary to visit Brazil – although I only got as close as the middle of the river at Iguazu Falls. I am 68, at the age where I constantly need to consider shingles vaccination.

I also believe strongly in the basic medical right to refuse treatment. 

A patient may refuse treatment that the healthcare provider deems to be an act of beneficence out of the principle of autonomy. In the United States, the right to refuse treatment is protected by 42 CFR § 482.13. and A patient’s autonomy is violated when family members or members of a healthcare team pressure a patient...Patient Rights And Ethics

 A patient has the right to refuse or to halt a medical intervention. A DECLARATION ON THE PROMOTION OF PATIENTS’ RIGHTS IN EUROPE

 Patients must always be free to consent to or refuse treatment, and be free of any suggestion of duress or coercion. Consent: A guide for Canadian Physicians

I am consciously exercising my rights to refuse medical treatments. I do not have COVID. I am not even a patient. Maybe I’ve had an asymptomatic case, but probably not. I have been tested several times. If I do get COVID-19, a normal case will last a week or two and be over, leaving me be more immune than any vaccine.

I believe in basic medical science. Scientifically, the COVID vaccines are new technologies, largely untested. We will not experience “one year later effects” until at least December 2021. We might not understand the total effects for decades. As a result, fully informed consent is not possible at present.

Why am I writing this letter? 

Some of my friends and family have expressed concerns about meeting with me, if I am not vaccinated. 

I am not afraid of COVID.

If you are afraid, and afraid to be near me – let me know. Although I do not share it, I will respect your fear. 

I have my own fears, and I am always open to handshakes and hugs to alleviate them.

to your health, tracy

Sunday, December 13, 2020

CENSORED-19 Why do we have Vaccines but no Cures?


According to current statistics worldwide, over 48 million patients listed as RECOVERED from CENSORED-19. The number rises every day. Not one person, however, is listed as cured. At the same time, many companies are publishing successful research into vaccines for CENSORED-19. Why can we produce vaccines but not cures? There are two main reasons, both stemming from our medical views of cure and prevention.


Cured is not defined for CENSORED-19. This is not surprising. Our medical systems generally ignore cured except for infectious diseases cured by a medicine that kills the infectious cause. Even in those cases, most cures are ignored.

Like the common cold, most cases of CENSORED-19 are cured by health. While our medical systems say: “ there is no cure for the common cold,” millions of people get colds and cure them — but nobody cares. There are no statistics of the common cold cured.

There is not a single validated report of CENSORED-19 cured. There are lots of claims and lots of denials. What about proof? Proof of CENSORED-19 cured is not possible, cured being undefined. There are tests for CENSORED-19, but no tests for CENSORED-19 cured. Note: It is also impossible to prove CENSORED-19 “not cured” because cured is not defined scientifically or medically. No medical distinction is possible between a case of CENSORED-19 recovered, one in remission, and a case of CENSORED-19 cured. We can’t tell if any second case in the same patient is a remission or a new case. Without a scientific definition of cured, we can’t tell. No definition exists.

Our medical systems often confuse “ is cured” and “ has been cured.” Medically, has been cured requires an approved medicine. Is cured, on the other hand, might happen because of natural healthy processes or from alternative treatments — but is cured doesn’t count medically.

The CENSORED-CoV-2 virus causes CENSORED-19. Cured is generally not defined for viral diseases. Viruses are dead. No medicine can kill them. Our natural healthiness cures measles easily, but medically, “ there is no cure for measles, “ according to the Mayo Health Clinic. The same is true of influenza and AIDS. It’s not about the virus. I’ve had measles. It’s cured. But, there is no scientific or medical definition of measles cured.

As we work to create a definition of cured for CENSORED-19, it quickly gets complicated. A case of CENSORED-19 can consist of several elements of illness. First, there’s the viral infection. However, we believe most cases of CENSORED-COV-2 infection are asymptomatic. Eg. They don’t progress to a stage where CENSORED-19 can be diagnosed. In those cases, CENSORED-19 cannot be cured. It wasn’t there. As the infection becomes more serious, it can cause many signs and symptoms, like a cough, possible loss of smell, and others, which need to be cured. These are other elements of illness, and some can be classed as independent diseases. As the disease continues to advance, there is a possibility of a cytokine storm or a bradykinin storm, in some cases ARDS — Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, possibly followed by CENSORED pneumonia and CENSORED-Treatment PTSD. Each element of CENSORED-19 requires a unique cure.

Our current medical system has no concept of an element of illness based on present cause. As a result, it has no concept of a partial cure, no understanding that a disease can require a partial cure. In addition, although cured is defined for pneumonia, it is not (cannot be) defined scientifically for loss of smell, ARDS or PTSD in our current medical paradigm.

We can decide to study cure and cured for every disease. Our medical systems and researchers have no interest. No one is exploring the concepts of CENSORED-19 cured scientifically. Everyone is busy looking for a cure (not defined) or developing a vaccine. The same is true of many diseases.

Most cures come from health, not from medicines. There is no generalized scientific definition of cure in any conventional or alternative medical theory. Curing CENSORED-19, and proving it cured, is impossible in our current medical paradigm. Curing CENSORED-19 is possible, but seeing it is not. The elephant is in the room — but we can’t see it.

Prevention, on the other hand, does not require proof. Proof of prevention is statistical. We cannot prove any individual case of disease has been prevented. It’s not there. Maybe it wouldn’t have happened. Prevention is statistical, as in the famous quote “ lies, damn lies, and statistics “.

As a result, it’s easy to develop a preventative: gloves, hand sanitizer, face masks, social distancing, and vaccines. The burden of proof is low. Fear drives sales. Failures are easily explained away, increasing the fear; the patient didn’t do it right, the doctor didn’t do it right, the preventative is not perfect, the disease is too strong, too unpredictable… and so on.

Preventatives, however, are profitable, making money from every sale. Even social distancing sells floor stickers and warning signs. Everybody needs a preventative. The paradigm that ignores or dismisses cures and sells prevention is very profitable. Prevention is better than cure is a useful concept, not always true. However, it’s also a powerful marketing tool.

Preventatives are sold by marketing fear. BE AFRAID! There are no cures for CENSORED-19.

But, when someone has CENSORED-19, a preventative is no use. Preventatives don’t cure. Even after patients recover, we can sell them a preventative. Maybe they’re not protected. Generating fear increases sales.

Cures, on the other hand, are the most powerful preventatives. If we cure the infection quickly, it might cause loss of smell, but it can’t create a cytokine storm, ARDS, CENSORED-19 Pneumonia, or CENSORED-19 PTSD. If we cure the ARDS quickly, we can prevent the pneumonia and PTSD. Curing each stage prevents the next.

When we have CENSORED-19, cures are better than preventatives… But, most people only have CENSORED-19 for a few days or weeks. After that, they don’t need a cure anymore. But we can still sell them preventatives. Preventatives are constantly marketable, continuously profitable, a revenue stream that can outlive the pandemic.

A cure is a one-time sale, whether it works or not. A vaccine is a revenue stream. As long as we live in fear — even as the frequency of disease drops, profits can continue to grow. Prevention marketers need to keep us afraid, constantly reminding us to maintain constant vigilance — to keep us buying.

To your health, Tracy
Author: The Science of Cure
Author: The Elements of Cure

Author: A Theory of Cure

This post is based on my answer to the Quora question: Why were the vaccines for CENSORED created quicker than the cures? 

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

COVID-19 Treatments: Holistic or Reductionist?

There appear to be lots of treatments for COVID-19, although none are officially recognized by our medical authorities.  This says more about the failure of medical authority than failures of treatments.  There are two kinds of treatments (and similarly, two kinds of preventatives) for every disease - holistic and reductionist. What's the difference? This illustration, based on the concepts of the book: COVID-19 from Causes to Cures, provides a clear explanation.Holistic treatments add to healthiness. But that's not all they do. Because holistic treatments add to our healthiness, they sum to improve more aspects of healthiness, resulting in summative, harmonic, and synergistic improvements.

Reductionist treatments aim to fight specific aspects of disease, using a divide and conquer model. Reductionist treatments aim for surgical precision, but surgery is dangerous. Most medicines require a prescription, which requires a specific diagnosis before the doctor can issue the prescription. Why? Because they are dangerous. Reducing healthiness increases danger. Medicines that reduce healthiness are summative in their reduction of healthiness. They sum to create more danger.

Holistic treatments are those that can be combined to increase healthiness and fight disease. With reductionist treatments, however, we need to be very careful about combining treatments, less we increase the risk significantly. That's the theory, let's look at some examples, using COVID-19 as our model.

COVID-19 is an infectious viral disease that sometimes creates significant damage, danger, and possibly death. Most cases of COVID-19, on the other hand, are easily addressed by our natural and present healthienss.

Holistic Treatments

COVID-19 Holistic Treatments are treatments that improve healthiness, giving our bodies, minds, spirits and communities more ability to fight the disease. Maybe you've noticed that most people who die from COVID are seniors. What do aging seniors have in common? We know that some specific nutritional deficiencies are common in aging seniors. Vitamin D is usually deficient, because their diets are low in D and seniors often suffer a deficiency of sunshine. Vitamin D is essential to fight viruses, and also for healing damage caused by the virus. Vitamin C is often deficient, because aging seniors can easily forget to eat, or choose to avoid foods with healthy amounts of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential to healing damage caused by COVID-19. Seniors can also be deficient in Zinc, omega fats, and other nutrients that are essential to a healthy response to COVID-19.

Adding these nutrients to a senior's diet is holistic. It improves their healthiness, and each action adds to overall healthiness, improving their ability to fight COVID-19.

Seniors, at home or in care homes, are often deficient in their consumption of water and other liquids. Fighting viral infections requires more water. Healing requires water. When we are dehydrated, we can become sluggish and less able to fight disease. Consumption of sufficient water is not a medicine, but it is a valuable holistic treatment for many disease, including COVID-19.

In addition, seniors often suffer mental deficiencies due to many aging factors, they might suffer from poor community support - family members have their own jobs to work and lives to live. Finally, seniors can easily become bored or suffer other decreases in their life spirits. Actions to improve mental acuity, community interactions, and raise spirits, like playing and enjoying live music, are not considered to be medical treatments even as they improve healthiness and healing.

Holistic treatments are rarely considered medical treatments - unless the patient is sick. Drinking water and taking Vitamin C supplements are not medicines, unless the patient is dehydrated or suffering from a Vitamin C deficiency. But they are almost always holistic actions. Vitamin M, music, is not a medicine, but it is a healthicine. 

Reductionist Treatments

Drugs, for the most part, are reductionist. Sometimes, they can produce a long term health benefit. When we get a tooth pulled, a painkiller helps us through the suffering until our health takes over and we heal. Statin drugs are reductionist. They reduce specific healthy aspects of the individual - the presence of cholesterol, under the assumption that disease is present. Analgesics (painkillers) are reductionist, reducing our ability to feel pain, without actually making us healthier.

Holistic can become Reductionist

Sometimes, a holistic action reduces healthiness. Drinking water is healthy. For most people, drinking a bit more water is healthier. But drinking a lot of water is dangerous and drinking too much water is deadly.

The image above shows a gradient between holistic and reductionist actions. Holistic actions are general. Reductionist actions are specific. Most holistic actions can be reductionist in specific situations.

However, few - if any - reductionist actions can become holistic. Marketers for reductionist medicines would like to increase sales - and often suggest that "everyone should take (medicine X)." They are marketing medicines, not healthiness.

Medical Approvals

To be approved as a medical treatment, a drug must be reductionist. To be approved by the US/FDA, for example, the manufacturer must demonstrate that the drug can be used to "prevent, diagnose, treat, or cure a disease." There are no approval mechanisms for any medicines that improve healthiness - because healthiness is not a disease.

COVID-19 Treatments

Like any disease, we might prevent, treat, and cure COVID-19 with holistic actions or with reductionist treatments.

Holistic actions cannot be approved to treat COVID-19, because holistic treatments cannot be approved to treat any disease.

There are no drugs approved to treat COVID-19 (except in emergency situations) even though we have been successfully treating most cases since its emergence. Approval is not about the product, it's about the process. So far, no company has made it through the bureaucratic (often called scientific) processes to have a drug approved for COVID-19.

Holistic treatments do not need to be approved.

So, according to the World Health Organization, "To date, there are no specific vaccines or medicines for COVID-19." Why not? Because there are no proven reductionist treatments.

There are many holistic treatments for COVID-19. Maintaining Vitamin D and Zinc levels are powerful improvements in our natural anti-viral healthiness - before and during a COVID-19 infection. They are preventatives and curatives. Drinking water, maintaining hydration is important during a case of COVID-19, because fighting viral infections increases our need for water.

How many other holistic actions can be used to fight COVID-19? We don't know. They are officially - not recognized and therefore not approved by our medical authorities, not even those that are commonly used.

to your health, tracy
Author: The Elements of Cure
Author: COVID-19 from Causes to Cures