What I Believe

As I discuss my views with people who have read some of my posts, I often meet people who think I believe this or that.  My blog is about things we know, and things we don't know. Mostly, what I believe is that we know too much about medicine, and too little about health. This page is where I try to document some of the things that I believe, about healthicine (which includes medicine).  I am not a doctor - this is not medical advice; and I am not a politician - I do reserve the right to change my beliefs.

What I Believe (and don't believe)

The Healthicine Creed

The Healthicine Creed

Health is whole. Health is wide and deep.
Health is slow and steady.
Health is honest and true.
Health enables freedoms.  Freedoms enable health.
Health encompasses all life processes, from genetics to Gaia.
Health is a verb. “To health” is to make healthier.
Health is a noun: A healthiness is a measurable instance of health.
An unhealthiness is a potential for improvement in health.

An illness is a hole in your health.
An illness has a cause and consequences.
Every illness is based in unhealthinesses.
Parasitic illnesses attack.
Healthiness illnesses emerge as healthiness falls.
Injury illnesses strike.
Chronic illnesses have chronic causes.
Symptomicines can create and facilitate chronic illnesses.

Every illness can be cured.
Causal cures stop the progression of an illness.
Healing cures repair damage and defend against illness.
Preventatives cure future illnesses, before they occur.

Health is the best preventative.
Health is the best cure, the only true cure.
Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness.


Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness. 

The goal of governments should be to enable freedoms, not to restrict them.


If we want to learn about health, we need to study healthiness, not illness.
Healthicine is the art and science of healthiness. It is also, unfortunately, a field in its infancy, barely past conception.

We can measure healthiness, but only when we try. We need to learn.  We need to develop scientific measurements of healthiness.

Your healthiness can range from very healthy, to unhealthy, to sick, to very sick.
Healthiness is a sum of many measurements, elements from the hierarchy of healthiness. It is normal to have some components of your health 'healthy', while other components are 'sick'.

We need to learn to improve our healthiness - this requires effective measurements of healthiness. We need a health paradigm, to replace our illness paradigm. 


Illness is a subset of healthiness.  Medicine is a subset of healthicine.
Every illness is caused by one or more deficiencies or an excesses.  Every illness starts out as an unhealthiness, which is the result of one or more deficiencies or excesses.

Doctors should not have a monopoly on illness. No one should have a monopoly on medicines.

Healthicines cure. Medicines don't cure. Medicines are designed to kill disease - and sometimes they kill people by mistake.

Alternative Medicine

There is no such thing as Alternative Medicine, nor Alternative Health. There are healthicines that work, and healthicines that don't work. There are medicines that work and medicines that don't work.   Does it work, or not, those are the important questions.  The next question: what specific technique works best in each specific situation.

The phrase 'alternative medicine' is a red herring that diverts discussion away from the important facts and the important question.

Many 'so called' alternative medicine techniques are actually healthicines. Things that improve your healthiness.  Some of them are medicines - designed to kill disease.  We need to learn to make this distinction.


"The best way to meet your nutritional needs is through a healthy diet. eg. Eat the right foods." - is a myth - The Food Myth.  The Food Myth Clarification.

We don't know the best way to meet your nutritional needs.

Food Labels, Medicine Labels, Healthicine Labels

We need complete, honest, accurate labels for our foods, our drugs and our healthicines. If it's in the food, put it on the label. If it was grown with a poison, a pesticide or a herbicide, put it on the label. If it's GMO, put it on the label.  We cannot activate our right to pursue healthiness - without accurate information. We have far too many ingredients that are not on the label.


I don't always want to take myself too seriously. Sometimes I write posts for fun, which allows me, encourages me, to explore off-the-wall aspects of healthiness, to ask strange questions like, 'Is it healthy to water down my coke', 'does the Star Trek tricorder measure healthiness' and 'how are the rights of animals similar to the rights of humans'.