Friday, November 25, 2011

Why we don't have Health Freedom - Ed Griffin on the politics of health

Two drug company executives are walking down the street, when they see a man limping heavily on his right leg, lurching from side to side, arms swinging, head falling and rising.

One said to the other - "a pity we can't do something for him".  
The reply "Well of course we can.  And we can make money in the process.  We need to design a drug that paralyzes his left leg and then he'll be perfectly balanced." 
"Interesting.  But what about side effects?"
"Just look at him, he's lurching from side to side.  I'll bet he's suffering from nausea, and possibly headaches - and he probably has pain in his left leg because it's working so hard.  So what does it matter if the drug causes nausea, headaches, muscle pain?   We'll just add them to the label." 
"But, what if his right leg recovers? Then he'll lurch the other way?" 
"Another opportunity.  We can develop a mirror image drug that only affects his right leg, so that problem can be treated as well." 

Isn't it just too close to the truth? All disease and illness is caused by imbalance.

Health is optimal balance.  Healing is optimizing balance.

Drugs are toxins, often designed to throw your balance 'the other way', without healing the imbalance.  Sometimes they give your body time to heal and recover balance - sometimes not.

Illnesses have symptoms, like headache, nausea, pain.  Many of those symptoms are not directly caused by the illness but are secondary symptoms that arise as the illness causes other imbalances. Many drugs are designed to treat the symptoms, not the imbalance that is the illness.

Ed Griffin - talks about The Politics of Health

Video Transciption

In this video, Ed Griffin explains the reason we have no health freedom.  He explains the history of medicine in America - and how that history is specifically designed to restrict treatments that are not 'drugs'.

It is unfortunate that Ed Griffin, like most people who attempt to speak on this subject mis-titled his video.  It is called The Politics of Health.  But in actual fact it is The Politics of Illness and Treatments.

Health is ignored by our medical system.  But not by me.

Yours in health, tracy
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