Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mercola on Health Liberty

Today, Mercola issued a blog about a new organization called Health Liberty.  It appears to be a loose coalition of a number of organizations with specific health or illness objectives, with little overall focus on true health freedom.  You can find them here. 

Although I believe this is a valuable coalition, it falls far short of an initiative that might reasonably be called 'health liberty'.   There is little or no reference to health, or understanding health (as opposed to illness).  And virtually no reference to liberty except in specific situations (vaccinations, dental mercury, organic foods).  How can you recognize someone who is truly working for health freedom?   Check these three simple objectives:

We need to support the Universal Declaration of Health Freedom at: as a minimal starting point to health liberty.

We need to work to better understand health: nutritional health, cellular health, tissue health, organ health, system health, body health, mind health, spritual health and community health.  An overall, structural understanding as opposed to trying to tackle specific health areas where there are controversies, see: for a starting point.

We need to focus on optimal health, instead of simply trying to avoid illness. We have a right to pursue optimal health in all aspects. How much Vitamin C should you consume for Optimal Health? How much coffee? How much exercise? We need to learn to measure health effectively to answer these questions.  Measuring illness is insufficient and counter productive when pursuing health freedoms.

As for illness?  Once we understand the primary causes of illness:deficiencies or excesses of genetics, nutrients, parasites, toxins, stress, and growth and healing.

we can progress to cataloging, by cause, many of the primary illnesses that are ignored today because they are below the threshold of a diagnosis.  Then we can move to catalog complex illnesses by cause.

When we work on these foundational initiatives, we will move in the true direction of health and health freedom.
Tracy is the author of two book about healthicine: